little black chick in hand

Hatching chicks in your classroom is a fun and educational activity which will get your students cracking on many areas of study. We would like to help you with your hatching projects as much as possible - so please ask any questions and we will try to help.

All WA Schools must have prior approval from the Schools Animal Ethics Committee (SAEC) to conduct our chicken hatching program. We recommend that you secure a booking with us first, as we do book out very quickly, and you will require a booking date in your SAEC application. You need to submit an online application through the SAEC website (click here to the SAEC website) well before the date of your planned application.  

Approval to hatch chicks can only be granted at a SAEC meeting, held in Week 3 & Week 8 of each term. Applications must be submitted two weeks prior to these meetings. If you hatch eggs without SAEC approval, you may be in breach of the Animal Welfare Act 2002 (WA) and the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th edition (2013).

If your application is approved, it is generally for a three (3) year period, meaning you will be able to run the activity once a year for the years that you are approved.

Hatching WA is not affiliated with the SAEC, however, we like to ensure that teachers are equipped with all the information that is required to make your experience an enjoyable one.