Chick hatching

Breeds of chicks varies depending on the availability of eggs at the time


The HatchingWA Chicken Hatching Education Programs are a great way to watch and gain valuable experience/knowledge about the development of a chicken.

The chicken hatching education program duration is 12 days. Everything you need is supplied, 10 chicken eggs, the incubator, brooder, heat source, food, resource/information folder, plus more. When the eggs are delivered on Monday, they will hatch a couple of days later in the first week, then you will have the chicks until the following Friday.

We deliver, supply, and collect everything for you. The incubator we use is very simple, we set it up for you, and there is no need for you to adjust anything, just sit back and watch them hatch. Also, our lovely large brooder area gives you optimum viewing and plenty of room for the chicks to scratch around and display natural behaviour. We also have a fully transportable pen if you wish to request instead, therefore, you can move the pen from room to room or take it home on weekends if needed.

With all of these programs we will collect the chicks at the end of the program. Alternatively, if you would like to keep the chicks and parents, teachers can provide a good home; this is certainly encouraged, We supply an information sheet on how to properly care for them in a free range environment. The breed of chickens that we presently use is Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Rhode Island Crosses, and occasionally other breeds may be used depending on the supply of local fertile eggs. Generally, the breeds we use are great layers, and they are ideal for keeping in the backyard.

All you need to provide is one large table, trestle table, desk, or two small rectangle tables close to a power point. Both the incubator and the brooder pen need power.

We usually require a minimum of 4-5 weeks' notice for the dates that you require so we can organise the eggs for your programme. We do get booked out very quickly, so we do advise that once you do decide to go ahead, please let us know as soon as possible to secure a booking.

Prices vary depending on location and the programs you select.

Additional presentation can be arranged on the Chick Hatching Education programs or on local conservation, working with animals, etc.

Please contact Nick and Molly for more information on 0450 925 143 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.